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service-techOur service and maintenance department provides a variety of services to address your facility needs. From electrical to security to automation, our qualified technicians are capable of addressing any issue or repair to ensure that you stay operational and productive.

Some of our service and maintenance capabilities include:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Security and fire
  • DataComm
  • Automation and Controls

We also provide services that allow you to be proactive regarding your facility’s systems, allowing you to avoid interruption and downtime. Some of these services include:

  • Preventative Maintenace
    • This service includes thermographic/infrared scans of all of your power distribution equipment, visual inspections, phase balance testing, and a code-compliance check. By performing these tasks we are able to greatly reduce the potential for power loss, downtime, and potential electrical fire and safety issues.
  • Lighting Maintenance
    • This service includes a change-out of your fixture lamps and ballasts, and recycling/proper disposal of all components (required by the EPA and DOE), to be performed at pre-determined intervals, in order to reduce maintenance costs associated with “spot” replacement. This provides long-term costs savings, ensures code compliance and compliance with EPA and DOE requirements for disposal of hazardous material, and helps to maintain proper lighting and aesthetics of your facility.
  • Security Maintenance
    • This service includes the maintenance and calibration of security cameras, card readers, access points, and other security system components in order to ensure the proper operation of your security system.
  • Custom
    • Meet with one of our consultants and we can put together a custom service and maintenance package to meet your specific needs.

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