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sustainabilityIt’s tough out there. We’re all looking for ways to reduce costs and increase profitability and, while “going green” sounds like another environmentalist movement, it’s not one without huge financial benefits for you and your company.

By simply replacing your old lighting system, you could reduce your current energy costs by 20%. Add controls and/or sensors, and you could reduce your energy costs associated with lighting by as much as 90%. When you consider that many of these projects yield a return on investment of about one year, these projects start to sound better. Add in the fact that there are currently tax incentives from the federal and state governments, as well as incentives from many of the utility companies, and these projects become the “no-brainers” that they are.

By installing a photovoltaic or solar hot water system in your facility you can greatly reduce your power consumption and your related utility costs. Depending on the size of your facility and the system installed, you could potentially reduce your electrical costs to little or nothing. Photovoltaic and solar systems reduce your dependence on (and bills from) the utility companies…for good (which is especially beneficial with the projected hikes in energy rates in the near future). In addition, these systems require very little maintenance, as there are no moving parts. Combine all of these benefits with the fact that the federal and state governments offer tax credits that will help offset these projects by as much as 65% and you’ve got a winner.

Also, let’s not forget the marketability of such projects. The current consumer seeks out companies that are “going green” and becoming “sustainable.” Decreasing operating costs and increasing profitability has never been so popular, even for the most environmentally conscious customer/investor.

It’s rare in business to find a “no lose” opportunity…here it is.

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